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Message from CEO

Race faster, Race stronger, Race dramatic. Aim to the world's best stage.

In recent years, many Japanese-born horses have demonstrated marvelous performance at racetracks around the world, with the top horses garnering international attention. And, throughout the domestic market, including “select sale” earnest dealings by foreign buyers are on the rise year by year, propelling Japan’s thoroughbred business into a global level.

Northern Farm is an early adopter of the mindset to produce “strong, internationally-competitive horses”. From the start, we have had our eyes on international achievement, and have refused to rest on the laurels of our domestic accomplishments. This passion drives us to provide comprehensive individual management of each and every thoroughbred, introduce excellent broodmares to foster our next generation, keep our facilities and raising environment at top standards, and continuously improve our management and raising know-how and techniques.

“Always put all of your heart into every innovation and new challenge.” Each staff member’s daily effort forms the foundation for Northern Farm’s achievements, which are furthered by the support of our clients.

As always, we remain committed to all efforts necessary to share dreams and passion for thoroughbred racing with you.

Representative KATSUMI YOSHIDA


Deputy representative SHUNSUKE YOSHIDA

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